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Clay Bar

Removes Road Fall-out

A safer alternative to buffing. Our goal is to preserve your clear coat, not diminish it. This is the best way to preserve the feel of your paint, while giving it the best shine/feel possible. This comes with a basic exterior wash.

  • Exterior Hand Wash

  • Removes Minor Scuff Marks

  • Removes Tar

  • Removes Set-in Bugs

  • Removes dirt that's embedded itself

  • Restores feel of the paint

  • Safe Spray Wax

  • Wheels/Trim Clean

  • Pristine Windows/Mirrors

  • Oil-Free Dressing (UV-Protection)

  • Add a Polish Wax at check-out to

              remove fine scratches

              and restore shine

  Note: This service is only $80 when added to any package under normal conditions, that includes exterior. If there is any visible debris, this service will be an extra +$200 (or more)​.

Add to a Package for a better deal.

​We only use safe, oil-free dressings and residue-free cleaners.

Click your vehicle size below.

Cars: $170

Deluxe Detail

Truck/SUV: $180

Truck Detailing

Semi/Van: $200


Boat/RV: $14 ft

ScumRX - Pic 7 - Post 1.png

Prices are for normal conditions. Anything else "extra dirty" will have an extra charge. Add to a package for better deal...

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