Deluxe Detail

•  Intricate Exterior Wash
•  Power Spray Wheelbases
•  Minor Exterior Scuff Removal
•  Hand Polish Paint (Speed Wax)
•  Wheel Face Intricately Cleaned/Shined
•  Door Jams Intricately Cleaned
•  Interior Scuff Removal
•  Intricate Dash/Console/Door Clean
        Every Button/Crack/Crevice Addressed
•  Stain Removal
•  Storage Compartments (Must Be Emptied)
•  Intricate Seat/Carpet Vacuum
•  Scrub Rubber Mats
•  Pristine Windows
Oil-Free Moisturizers (Interior/Exterior) as Needed
        Leather Seats Moisturized +$20

​We only use safe, oil-free moisturizers and residue-free cleaners.

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