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Everything "ScumRx" started with the love for a car, and a passion for excellence.


At a used car lot, looking for "anything that looks sporty with a manual" transmission. It was the first car that I would pay for myself, and it HAD to have a manual. The sales guy says, "We only have one." Thankfully, I only wanted one.


That's when I was introduced to a Dark Grey 1997 Saturn SC1. Which would quickly become my first "baby". I still remember the moment I fell in love with her, looking at her while sitting on the curb beside her.


Over the course of three Saturns and three Hondas, the foundations of ScumRx were being laid. Anything used to wash MY "baby", would have to not leave that dirty residue feeling or look. And also be guaranteed not to cause long-term damage.


I always held the thought of keeping her forever, or retaining the resale value in mind. So naturally, come trade-in time, I got every penny I wanted.


Still on a regular three-to-five-week detailing schedule, sixteen years later, I was being treated as replaceable by "The Man". Just for empowering other team members I was managing, by teaching them to take pride in their work. My Dad told me, "If you want to do it your way, you're going to have to have your own business."


So I figured, why not share my love for detailing vehicles with the world? While creating a place of opportunity, where I could add value to people. This is the very foundation of everything ScumRx.


I wanted a place people could find an opportunity and value. That had devotion to the people involved (clients and team members a like) with the same care and devotion I had taking care of my cars.


In May of 2016, I took my Sunburst Pearl Orange, 2013 Honda Civic Si, with 144,504 miles, which still looked like she did with 27 miles. And started sharing my love with Tarrant and Johnson Counties. Then started gathering like-minded people to share their love for a car, hard work and passion for people.

ScumRx | Mobile Detailing

Driven by strong ethics, not "the mighty dollar".

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