ScumRx brings professional mobile services to your home, apartment or office.

(Same-Day, in most cases.)

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ScumRx | Mobile Detailing

Mobile Detailing

A Hand Wash at your doorstep:

  • Basic Exterior Hand Wash

  • Safe Hand Wax

  • Wheels/Trim Shine

  • Interior Wipe Down

  • Basic Seat/Floor Vacuum

  • Pristine Windows/Mirrors

Cars: $120 (2.5 hrs)

Trucks/SUVs: $150 (3 hrs)

Semi Cab/Vans: $200 (3.5 hrs)

RV/Boat/Trailer: $11 ft (w/ top)

Motorcycles: $80 (1 Hr)

Mobile Detailing

 That good Basic Detail:

  • Our Simple Wash plus...

  • Detailed Exterior Hand Wash

  • Spray Wheel Wells

  • Complete Bug Removal

  • Clean Door Jambs

  • Every Interior Crack/Crevice

  • Hand Grime Removal

  • Storage Compartments (If emptied)

  • Minor Stain/Leather Clean

  • Floor Mats

  • Intricate Seat/Floor Vacuum

  • Oil-Free Dressing (UV-Protection)

Cars: $200 (4 hrs)
Trucks/SUVs: $240 (4.5 hrs)
Semi Cab/Vans: $310 (5 hrs)
RV/Boat/Trailer: $16 ft (w/ top)
Motorcycles: $120 (1.5 Hrs)

Mobile Detailing

That “Extra Mile” Detail.

  • Our Deluxe Detail plus...

  • Tar Removal

  • Minor Exterior Scuff Removal

  • Clay Bar (remove road fall-out)

  • Wheel Wells Cleaned

  • Deep Stain/Leather Clean

  • Steam Seats (Sanitizes)

  • Spot Clean Headliner (If safe)

  • Odor Removal

Cars: $380 (6 hrs)
Trucks/SUVs: $430 (6.5 hrs)
Semi Cab/Vans: $490 (7 hrs)
RV/Boat/Trailer: $25 ft (w/ top)
Motorcycles: $210 (2 Hrs)

Add a Polish Wash, Claybar, Engine and/or Headlights to any package (at check-out).

Other Vehicle Detailing Needs

We offer our mobile services to:

Fort Worth/Burleson, TX

Cities of: Benbrook, Burleson, Crowley, Euless, Everman, Fort Worth, Keller, Mansfield, North Richland Hills, Saginaw, their borders and anywhere in between.

Who Is             ?

ScumRx _ Integrity Serives
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Our story started on a used car lot in 1999, looking for the first car I would pay for myself. I asked the salesman for "anything that looks sporty, with a manual transmission". He said, "Well, we only have one." To which I responded, "Thankfully, I only want one." And he introduced me to a dark gray, 1997 Saturn SC1. She quickly became my first "baby". I still remember the moment I fell in love with her, sitting beside her on a curb - watching the sunset in the curves of her driver door panel. And I washed her every week and detailed her about every 3-5 weeks, like clockwork.

My Dad taught me a strong work ethic, integrity, and to take pride in my work. Which moved me into management at nearly every 9-5 I worked. Then in May of 2016, I realized the problems I had at those 9-5's came from teaching entrepreneurial principles. For this, "The Man" thanked me by treating me as replaceable. My Dad told me, "If you want to do it your way, you must start your own business." So I fired the 9-5, to start a mobile detailing business.

“My way” was to operate in integrity, with a passion for excellence, all while empowering people and to create opportunity for those I work with. I took my pristine, Sunburst Pearl Orange, 2013 Honda Civic Si (with 144k miles) with the trunk loaded with supplies, to my very first detail job...RIGHT next door to that 9-5 I JUST fired.


I soon found a car meet (eight days away), where I could network with those who shared my love for cars. At that moment I had very little money, no business name, no logo or tagline. But I definitely needed a business card design. And today!

So I spent the day at my Grandpa's computer to research designs, pictures and also reached out to friends/family to find some inspiration. When my Grandpa, a retired physician, came into the office with a child’s excitement, "I GOT IT!” He said, “Have an officer throwing a bad guy onto a car and say, 'We'll get the SCUM OUT!' "

A prescription pad laying on his desk (in front of me) caught my eye and I thought, "We could be the scum prescription! Not only to clean the scum out of our cars. But be a business that would exemplify high standards, excellence and ethics. To strive for excellence without sacrificing people or our integrity for “the mighty dollar”. "We would be the scum prescription!" And thus, the name "ScumRx" was born.

From day one, I started building business relationships with people who shared our ethics. Because my goal was to build this platform to help others who shared the same passion, talents and pride in their work - with the world.

By helping and serving people, instead of money, ScumRx has thrived and grown. Because of this growth, and by adapting to client feedback, ScumRx has evolved rapidly over the years. So growth/change is one thing, those who work with ScumRx, have come to expect.


As we launch into 2022, starting our 7th year, we made our most significant changes thus far. We are now realizing our dream as we strive to help good people, who run good, professional businesses succeed in their own endeavor!


We are now much more than JUST ScumRx | Mobile Detailing. We are now ScumRx | Integrity Services. We offer a full range of Vehicle Services: Oil changes, window tint, windshields/glass replacement, paint correction, dent repair and more. We also offer a full range of Home Services: Solar panels, roofing, power washing and more. (All of our services are mobile.) And we'll soon focus on a 3rd Category, ScumRx | Ethics Partners--a miscellaneous category. All offered at your home, business or apartment.


Please browse our website to see all of the tremendous ScumRx | Integrity Services we now offer. All performed by knowledgeable people in their field. Anytime you schedule through ScumRx, you can rest with assurance, they will deliver the same ethics, integrity and pride ScumRx | Mobile Detailing operates by. Great service and communication, commitment to our Ethics, respect for property and knowledge of the craft. Schedule through ScumRx and be assured we will ensure these ethics are upheld.

If you’re a proud business owner, with an excellent service/product reputation, relate to this story and would like to showcase your business in our ScumRx | Ethics Partners list. Please contact us.

ScumRx Founder

ScumRx | Integrity Services

Driven by strong ethics, not "the mighty dollar".

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ScumRx | Integrity Services

Driven by strong ethics, not "the mighty dollar".

Intricate         Safe         Reliable

Mobile Detailing
Mobile Detailing