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Buff Polish Wax

Remove minor scratches/oxidation
from paint's clear coat

  • Exterior Hand Wash

  • Removes Minor Scratches

  • Removes Minor Oxidation

  • Paint Sealant

  • Safe Spray Wax

  • Wheels/Trim Clean

  • Spray Fender Wells

  • Wheel Face Cleaned/Shine

  • Pristine Windows/Mirrors

  • Oil-Free Dressing (UV-Protection)


   (This service is a better deal when added

     to any exterior package. If it needs a

     Clay Bar to prep the paint, this service

     will be +$80.)​

To get a better deal, add to a Package (at check-out).

​We only use safe, oil-free dressings and residue-free cleaners.

 Click your vehicle size below. 

Cars: $290

Deluxe Detail

Truck/SUV: $320

Truck Detailing

Semi/Van: $380


Boat/RV: $17 ft

ScumRX - Pic 7 - Post 1.png

 Prices are for normal conditions. Anything else "extra dirty" will have an extra charge. Add to a package for better deal... 

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