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Ceramic Coating

3-Year & 6-Year Protection For Your Paint

  • Deep Exterior Hand Wash

  • Clay Bar (Paint Decontamination)

  • Polish Paint (Single-Stage Correction*) 

          Removes Minor Oxidation​​

          Removes Minor Scratches

          Removes Minor Scuff Marks

  • Apply our 3-Year Ceramic Coating Protection

          Enhances the shine of your vehicle

          Protects against UV sun damage

          Protects against scratches

          Protects against bugs

          Protects against bird droppings

          Protects against water spots

          Repels acid rain, mud and dirt

          No need to continue to wax 

  • Clean and Shine Wheels & Trim

  • Pristine Windows & Mirrors


  • Ceramic Coat Headlights & Wheels

        3-Year +$250

        6-Year +$350

           (Semi/RVs/Trailers +$50)

*If a 2 Stage Correction is needed,

     the price will increase based upon your needs.​   

Add Interior at check-out.

For a better deal, add to one of our packages below.

Click your vehicle size below.

For Cars

3-Year: $730

6-Year: $1130

Deluxe Detail

For Truck/SUV

3-Year: $860

6-Year: $1360

Truck Detailing

For Semi/Van

3-Year: $1000

6-Year: $1600


For Boat/RV

3-Year: $48 ft

6-Year: $71

ScumRX - Pic 7 - Post 1.png

Prices are for normal conditions. Anything else "extra dirty" will have an extra charge. Add to a package for better deal...

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