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ScumRx's Ethics?

ScumRx works with a variety of tools that help us safely remove the dirt and hand grime from your vehicle. We carefully balance getting everything to a like new clean, without damaging your baby. Whether immediately or over time. For example, we don't use harsh chemicals that eat away protective layers, can melt your plastics or irritate its passengers’ skin.

ScumRx doesn’t just do the work; we work hard and fast, as well as take the time to double check everything we’ve done. Then double checking our partner's work.

ScumRx institutes a safer "two-bucket method". In the original "two-bucket method"; the first bucket rinses out the rag/sponge, before dipping it into the second soap bucket. This doesn't fully ensure to get out all abrasives from the rag/sponge, which cause "swirl marks" in the clear coat. So instead, ScumRx rinses out our microfiber glove, with our high-powered nozzle. Where we then visually inspect it before re-enters the soap bucket.

All but three of our products, are environmentally safe products. Our odor eliminator, mold killer and tire cleaners are the only three products incorporated that are not. Although the odor eliminator completely disappears, as soon as it evaporates.

ScumRx values our clients and team members alike. We believe there’s no better way to thank you for your support than to:
1) Show up
2) Be on time
3) Complete the job you expect
4) At the price we agree to

  • We are here to serve our clients and team members alike, not the "mighty dollar".

  • We back our promises and our product to clients and team members alike.

  • We love any and all feedback. Feel free to call us with all your questions and comments.

  • We want you to feel good about how you spent your money. So, we do everything we can, to not over promise OR under deliver. ScumRx promises to do what we can to make it right, if we do not get it right for you.