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Mobile Detail and Tint
Honda SI Mobile Detail
Safe Engine Cleaning
Deluxe Motorcycle Detail

Driven by strong ethics, not "the mighty dollar". This means we build everything on intricacy, safety and reliability of the services we provide to you, the client, not "the mighty dollar". We use well tested, effective products, rather than whatever "magic potion" is becoming popular right now. So we know we can trust what we use.


ScumRx uses a variety of tools to help safely perform our services. Focusing on every detail of the job, from start to finish. To ensure it is done correctly, thoroughly and to your satisfaction. We carefully balance getting to every detail while making sure we don’t damage your property. Whether immediately or over time.

All of our practices are founded on this one word. We have done all we can, to ensure that all of our products/services are safe. Not only for our people who use them everyday. But also for our clients and their property. (We use only oil-free products.) Then we have also created safe methods. One example, our detailing crews use what we call our "safer two-bucket method" with our car detailing.

In the original "two-bucket method"; the first bucket rinses out the sponge/brush, before dipping it into the second soap bucket. This doesn't fully ensure to get out all the dirt/debris from our wash equipment, which causes "swirl marks" in the clear coat. So instead, ScumRx rinses out our tools with our safe high-powered nozzle. Where we then visually inspect it before re-enters the soap bucket.​

ScumRx values our clients and team members alike. We believe there’s no better way to thank you for your support of ScumRx than to:
  1) Show up within the time we agree on
  2) Complete the service you expect
  3) At the price we agree on​

We back our promises and our products to clients and team members alike.

Please share any and all feedback.

Feel free to contact us with all your questions and comments.

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ScumRx | Mobile Detail and Tint
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